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Partnership Opportunities

Are you a small business or nonprofit owner who wants more exposure for your space?

creative Habitat can Help

As a nonprofit designed to support entrepreneurial families and small business owners, we are equally dedicated to supporting our local small business and nonprofit community through strategic partnerships. We seek to bring exposure to various community spaces that support our signature Co-Op childcare model and programming. If you want to support local entrepreneurs and serve as a hub for community development while gaining exposure for your small business or nonprofit, please contact us for more detail



Frequently asked questions

We partner with schools, churches, community centers, and libraries as well as local kid-friendly locations like parks and children’s museums. We thoroughly vet each partner space to ensure it is a good fit for both parties.  Please contact us for more details. 

You simply provide the space. Creative Habitat provides customer support and programming for the Co-Op families who meet in your space. 

Creative Habitat provides an opportunity for local small businesses and nonprofits to serve and support entrepreneurial families resulting in economic vitality for all involved. When small businesses support one another, the community prospers. We also provide marketing and public relations to help increase exposure for your small business and highlight social impact through our partnership.  Please contact us to discuss specific benefits related to your business or nonprofit.

The number of families served will depend on the capacity of each space we partner with.  On average, your partnership will serve 15-25 small business owners and their families per quarter. 

As a Creative Habitat partner, your business will serve as a coworking space for parents to develop their business in a focused environment while their kids participate in engaging play nearby.  

This is completely up to you.  Typically, one morning a week from 9-12 unless you would like to add more days/times.  Please contact us to discuss your specific space and availability.  

Creative Habitat provides liability insurance for our Co-Op program. 

Creative Habitat provides 2 quarterly surveys for Co-Op families to complete which provides both quantitative and qualitative results highlighting how the Creative Habitat coworking + childcare and partnership model benefits all involved.  We share our quarterly report with all partner spaces including specific feedback on how your space directly impacts the success of entrepreneurial families in your community. 

DES MOINES partner spaces

Creative Habitat & DSM Children's Museum

Creative Habitat is the first coworking space designed by moms for moms located in the Valley West Mall directly next to the DSM Children’s Museum where kids play while their moms get focused time to work on their business next door. 

Valley Community Center

The amenities offered by this community center including a large field, working farm, outdoor and indoor playground and free WIFI and coffee make this one of the favorite locations for local Co-Op families.

West Des Moines Public Library

Located within walking distance to Ashwa Park, the West Des Moines Library offers both indoor and outdoor fun for kids while their moms get some focused time to work in the upstairs study area overlooking the pond. 

The Science Center of Iowa

This center for creative learning has been a fun an engaging location for Co-Op families to meet.

coming soon: Ankeny

Ar workshop

Moms come and enjoy some calm, focused time in this beautiful makerspace located conveniently in The District.  Rest assured your kids are enjoying their time at Innovators Academy just a few doors down.

innovators academy

This makerspace is full of fun and exploration for kids of all ages. Your kids will be exposed to design thinking and problem-solving as they tinker with the many maker’s bins. Innovators Academy is locally owned and run by an experienced teacher.