Creative Habitat

Play It Forward

Have you ever wished for a kid-friendly coffee shop?

Creative Habitat is pretty close, though instead of coffee, we serve "focused time and space" for busy moms to refuel while their kids participate in engaging play. We also have free coffee.

Our new coworking space is centrally located right next to the DSM Children's Museum at the Valley West Mall.

  • Imagine a quiet space to collect your thoughts, focus on a creative project, read or write while your kids are involved in engaging play. 
  • Imagine a space where you can  relax and develop your vision. 
  • Imagine a space where you are encouraged to develop your God-given creativity in a nurturing environment.
  •  Imagine a space where you are not responsible for cleaning up.
  • Imagine workspace for you and play space for your kids all under the same roof. 
  • Imagine the freedom to come as you are – when you are ready – where you are never late.
  • Imagine a supportive community of other moms who all understand your need to create and play with the idea that has been mulling around in your mind for the past few days, months or years.

Now, imagine the gift of time you can offer a friend who could also benefit from this "focused time and space" while you stay with the kids next door at the DSM Children's Museum or a few stores down at Artfull.

When you "Play it Forward", you will allow her a mom"me" break to refresh, refuel, and tap into her creative gifts or simply just be. 

Maybe she'll turn around and do the same for you!  This program was designed to help moms support one another. 

It takes a village to raise a child and it also takes a village to support a mom.  We do both at Creative Habitat, where we encourage moms to "Play it Forward."

Play it Forward in 3 easy steps...

1) Get One, Give One

One punch card provides 10 hours of focused time in our coworking space designed by moms for moms.  Get one, give one and “Play it Forward” one punch card at a time!  

2) Write a Note Inside

When is the last time someone slipped a hand-written note in your car or your purse?  Play it forward and surprise a friend with a hand-written note letting her know you want to support her.  It just might make her day, her week, and possibly her month!

3) Schedule a Play Date!

Creative Habitat “Play it Forward” hours start November 4 and run through December 12. Simply schedule your play date, invite a friend and play it forward! 

Focused Time for You
Engaging Play for Kids
Coworking Community


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