Creative Habitat

Vision & Values

vision for families

Creative Habitat was founded on the belief strong families are the heart of a strong community.  

It is our goal to strengthen family unity by uniting families and providing affordable childcare and coworking resources under the same roof.  We aim to restore work/life balance and offer community support for women seeking business development and quality childcare resources as they are growing their businesses and families.  It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to grow a business.  

Creative Habitat is bringing back the village one family at a time.

We partner with local spaces in the community to offer our programming and services while supporting the local economy.  Strengths-based development and creative collaboration are a fundamental focus of our signature co-op childcare model and developmental programming for both women and their kids.  We incorporate our Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaching and faith-based principles into all of our programs and curriculum. Our services aim to provide community support, economic vitality, and personal and professional growth for families. 

Creating a nurturing environment for parents and kids to work, play, and grow in community under the same roof.

We value balance, growth, & well-being

Life is BUSY, especially for modern women constantly working and achieving in all areas of life. When we take time to slow down, correctionIF we take time to slow down, one must ask, are we working towards and achieving balance amidst all of life’s demands?  Is it possible to cultivate a protected environment, or habitat, where women can daily rest and invest in their God-given creativity to promote balance, growth and well-being?  Can busy routines be replaced by creative habits?  

Here at Creative Habitat, we believe developing regular quiet time and space to tap into one’s creativity in business and life is a true gift and blessing for women and their families.  We believe when you take time to rest from the swirling list of to-dos and expectations, the noise of daily life will fade as you take time to tap into who you have been created to be.  

We believe carving out this precious time and space to be silent and listen to your inner voice is beautiful.  So what are you waiting for?  Allow your heart to be transformed from tired to inspired.  Be. Be You. Beautiful.  We believe you are the Imago Dei – created beautifully by a masterful Creator.  So shine your light!  You are the only one who can.  Did we mention we provide engaging play and childcare for your kids while you enjoy some much needed focused time to work on you?   Your vision.  Your goals.  Your project. 

 You do you.  

Rest assured we’ve got your kids covered in care and you covered in prayer.  Creative Habitat is designed to be a nurturing environment for the whole family.  We believe when you take time to refuel, your whole family benefits because you are able to give the best of you instead of what is left of you.  We hope you enjoy our many refueling services including: 

  • Coworking + Childcare
  • Strengths-Based Coaching for Parents
  • Strengths-Based Play for Kids
  • Momentum Mentorship Program

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