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Always We Begin Again

Rain drops and a muggy hotel room were not on the agenda for the start of our vacation this week and yet we found ourselves doing our best to keep an antsy toddler entertained in a confined space when the rain decided to put a damper on our plans yesterday.

We were relieved to wake up to sunshine this morning and I was also relieved my camera captured this playful moment of my son dancing in the sunlight considering my SD card malfunctioned and corrupted all of my stored photos yesterday as well. Sadly none of them were backed up.

To say yesterday was frustrating would be an understatement but today was a chance to begin again.

“Always we begin again.”

This famous quote by Saint Benedict has played over and over in my mind after hearing it at a women’s retreat I attended at my church a few weekends ago. This statement is so simple and yet so profound. The word always is what gets me. When you really stop to consider that we always have the opportunity to begin again, it is incredibly freeing.

No matter what frustrating situation we may find ourselves in, we always have a choice to start a new, begin again, and trust the best is yet to come.

Ladies, perhaps you had a frustrating day yourself. Perhaps life rained on your plans and now you are faced with the choice to sit in your frustration or let it go and dance in the sunlight. I hope you will allow yourself the freedom to begin again because this is the first step in any creative act and key in developing creative habits to refuel in daily living.

So next time life gets frustrating and you want to throw up your hands, I hope you are reminded as I have been today,

“Always we begin again.”


Wishing you new beginnings and creative days ahead!

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