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Drowning in Love

Ehem…I must compose myself. I’m still trying to process a discussion I had with a small group of moms this evening. These kind women were gracious enough to sit through my word vomit on how I end each day in motherhood with a sigh of relief. I was actually able to verbalize that mothering is …

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Tonight, I write, not because I have the energy to…but because I don’t have the energy to do anything else. My 3 year old has officially dropped his blessed nap meaning this mama is getting a taste of what many of you other stalwart mamas have been experiencing for much longer than I…the endurance factor. …

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Hats Off to Mom

I attended my cousin’s graduation at San Diego State University yesterday and was amazed by the creative hat decor! Lights, glitter, rhinestones…you name it! These graduation hats were decked out. I was grateful for this playful display of self expression and entertainment while waiting for my cousin’s name to be called. After taking in this …

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