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May God’s Strength Fill You!

Preschool is a special time.

After putting my son on several waitlists, I was thrilled when I got a call from one of the preschools saying they had a spot!

“Awesome! Sign us up!”

Little did I know as I took the classic “First Day of Preschool” photo what the coming weeks would hold or maybe I should say what the coming weeks wouldn’t hold…like my son not being able to hold his cookies multiple times over multiple weeks. Despite my effort to Lysol and Clorox every surface and basically drape our home in antibacterial spray, we all still caught some version of this illness. 

Just as I thought things were looking better…BAM another cycle of “Oh Boy, Here We Go Again.” Relentless, I tell you! 

But, we are stronger still, and I am happy to report we have had almost a full week of health, we’ll sort of, if you don’t include the current loss of my voice leaving me with a squeaky, raspy sound each time I talk. Sexy, I know!

So where am I going with all this? Basically, I have always been amazed by moms…but now after dealing with illness after illness week after week, I AM SOOO AMAZED with you mamas out there! If you can relate to this scenario of wave after wave of sickness – which I’m guessing most of you can – may you be blessed for your endurance and may God hold you as you hold your little ones! 

In an effort to keep my kids and myself hydrated while enduring these germs, I made this cup as a reminder to myself that God’s strength is always there to fill us! This simple message not only inspired me to keep drinking but actually helped fill me with confidence that with God’s strength, anything is possible!

Needless to say Purell, Emergen-C, garlic supplements, and any other immune booster I can get my well-sanitized hands on have become part of a weekly creative habit to try and create a healthy environment for my family! 

In closing, whatever illness this week may or may not hold, hang in there mamas! You are stronger than you think! 

Wishing you creative and healthy days ahead!

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