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Building Blocks

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post…not for lack of inspiration! Perhaps more for lack of words – and time – if I’m really honest. There are seasons of rest and seasons of building. This summer has been a season of building including these 5 developments. 1) Building our Team We’ve built …

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Drowning in Love

Ehem…I must compose myself. I’m still trying to process a discussion I had with a small group of moms this evening. These kind women were gracious enough to sit through my word vomit on how I end each day in motherhood with a sigh of relief. I was actually able to verbalize that mothering is …

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Sowing Seeds

A few weeks ago, my son and I participated in a Kids in Biz event in our neighborhood. We sold spring seeds in pots and called our booth “The Potter’s Hands” because we had paint for the kids to make fingerprints on their pot of choice. This was my son’s first official venture…here are the …

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Tilling Time

Living in Iowa for the last 9 months has made me more curious about the farming industry. Did you know Iowa is the #1 producer of soybeans, corn, pork, and eggs in the United States? There are about 31 million acres dedicated to farming in Iowa and you can read other interesting Iowa farming facts here but …

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Yellow Chair

Sometimes we do something out of character… …or maybe these perceived out-of-character moments are actually our truest selves throwing all inhibition to the wind. You’ll know these moments when usual reasoning is trumped by intuition and the heart claims it’s territory with a defiant, “I’m doing this! Ain’t nothing going to stop me!” Enter the …

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Tonight, I write, not because I have the energy to…but because I don’t have the energy to do anything else. My 3 year old has officially dropped his blessed nap meaning this mama is getting a taste of what many of you other stalwart mamas have been experiencing for much longer than I…the endurance factor. …

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