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Drowning in Love

Ehem…I must compose myself. I’m still trying to process a discussion I had with a small group of moms this evening. These kind women were gracious enough to sit through my word vomit on how I end each day in motherhood with a sigh of relief. I was actually able to verbalize that mothering is my greatest source of need – EVER.

Basically, I confessed in more ways than one, that I DO NOT have the slightest clue what I am doing most of the time. This is not an easy confession for someone who tries to keep 10 balls in the air at the same time…”try” being the key word.

My friends, I am here to let you know you are not alone if you struggle as a mom. The struggle is real, but so is the joy. I just heard a song for the first time called “Drowning in Love” by The Tenors. As I listened to the lyrics, I realized this song is expressing the same message I struggled to articulate with these ladies tonight. To think I could have summed up my motherhood struggles in these three words…would have saved us all what, now, feels like an awkward 10 minutes of oversharing.

Thank goodness for grace!

I’m deeper than I have ever been, drowning in love – loving with everything that I have until I end each day exhausted. My sighs of relief as I put my kids to bed are a daily testament that where I end God begins. This has been my motherhood journey for the last 3.5 years…a lot of me ending and even more of God beginning. Amen!

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