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What is Your Holiday Effort Level

Do you ever have days where even the simplest of undertakings seems like quite the accomplishment? Today has been one of those days for me from throwing the covers off, to cleaning the breakfast crumbs and making it to the gym where I am currently pedaling at a glacial pace on the stationary bike allowing me to capture this thought.

As with most exercise equipment, this bike allows me to adjust the effort level. Should I include the effort level it took to get here or the effort level I actually feel like pedaling? How about the effort level to drown out the noise streaming from the gym speakers with my acoustic Christmas playlist. It sounds like they just turned it up a few notches requiring me to do the same, and yet I feel like I’ve hit my peak capacity. Nothing more to turn up!

Perhaps it’s time to turn it all down. ALL of it. From social media to political news to my overall expectations of what this holiday season may bring. Perhaps it’s time to simply BE and enjoy the beauty of the simple. My friend has an amazing saying which I have been repeating continually since hearing it. It goes like this:


Be You…


Just Be.

No effort level required, just simple observance of where God has you in the moment. As the busy holiday season approaches, will you allow yourself to BE and SEE all that HE has done? This is my hope for my family and anyone seeking to turn down the noise when it seems there are so many temptations to turn it up during this season. 

When we intentionally turn down the effort level, we may just find the true joy of Thanksgiving and Christmas becomes effortless!

This holiday season, may WE just BE!

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