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Year of YES

The Manhattan cityscape is a beautiful creative habitat! I’m looking at it right now as I write this from our hotel room 32 stories up in the heart of NYC – Times Square.

To be honest, I can’t believe I am here. I am not a fan of huge crowds and always find myself grateful to be sitting in my cozy home or really anywhere other than Times Square on New Year’s Eve. As I watch the ball drop year after year, I think to myself, “Whew, So glad I’m not there!”

Well, I can’t say that this year because I am in the center of all the action, thankfully in a hotel room and not braving the frigid cold! They are saying this may be the coldest New Year’s Eve in New York to date! Prayers for all those facing the chilly weather now.

Also, prayers for our country. As I face my very real fears of terrorism sitting in the biggest US city in one of the most saturated crowds on the planet and awaiting one of the most watched global televised events of the Times Square Ball Drop, I find myself contemplating the state of our weary world.

Despite my fears, I’ve been told by multiple people including the police officers I personally spoke with over the past couple hours that Times Square is the safest place to be on New Year’s Eve. There are police officers and SWAT teams everywhere! They have closed all of the parking garages, removed all of the trash cans, and welded all of the sewer holes surrounding Times Square. So, with all these protective measures, why was I so fearful to come on this trip?

There is the obvious fear of leaving my kids. They are with their grandmas in Colorado while my husband and I get some alone time here in NYC. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for their help and know my kids are in good hands and loving arms. I am also grateful for alone time with my husband who planned this trip a year ago using hotel points he has been saving for this VERY experience. I AM grateful for the experience, but ladies…make no mistake…this is a HUGE trip of faith for me!

The fear I felt leading up to this trip ruined several nights of sleep and resulted in me trying to sell our Times Square hotel room on Craigslist and also booking 2 airbnb lofts in Brooklyn – both of which I have since cancelled. Speaking of cancelling, I almost cancelled our flights! Imagine how that would have gone over with my husband who has put as much effort into planning this trip as I have put into unplanning it!

All this to say, this trip is AN ACT OF LOVE! I have had many opportunities along this journey to turn around and say NO…from buckling my kids into Gammy’s car and saying goodbye while mommy “goes on an adventure with daddy,” to driving to the Denver airport to stepping on each of the 4 planes it took to get from Colorado where I left my kids to this very hotel room.

But instead, I said YES!

YES to adventure with my husband.

YES to what has turned out to be one of the coolest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in.

YES to trusting God with my kids while we are in NYC for a few days.

And YES to trusting God to protect not only my husband and I here in Times Square but the millions

of others waiting for that 2018 ball to drop.

I’ve decided 2018 will be my “Year of Yes!”

YES to God’s best! NO to worry.

One of my most special Christmas gifts this year, other than this NYC trip, is a pendant necklace with my favorite verse – Philippians 4:13 – I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me…including enjoy Times Square on New Year’s Eve which I am signing off to do now.

Trusting the best is yet to come in 2018 as I take steps of faith to continue to develop Creative Habitat as a nonprofit coworking space with coop childcare to support moms in my new hometown of Des Moine, IA and beyond! I envision a space where moms can come and tap into their creative gifts and refuel while their kids also have a space to develop their creativity – all for a much lower price than paying for daycare or a babysitter while also being surrounded by a community of support for the whole family! WIN/WIN/WIN!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this project! In the mean time, wishing you a creative and refueling year ahead!

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