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End of Freeway=Start of “Free Way”

Living life in the fast lane? Need a reprieve? This sign is the answer, at least for me. I know as soon as I cross under, the Pacific Ocean awaits me filling my spirit with waves of anticipation. 

Having returned from our Southeast Asia trip and back to the reality of daily life, I found myself rushing constantly to try to “keep up” with “it all” over the past 3 weeks. Then, somewhere between my second load of laundry and fourth time picking up toys today, I decided it was time to visit the end of the freeway and embrace the start of a new “free way” where my mind and spirit can be free of distractions.

So here we are, my son and I, parked at Ocean Beach where I can finally focus on my creative habit of writing while he sleeps in the back…

Hold that thought…was sleeping in the back! Time for some sand between our toes and endless giggles…

So grateful for times like these to get away from the constant “rush” and live freely in the moment. May you find the end of your freeway this week, even if just for a rejuvenating hour! Your soul will thank you! 

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