Creative Habitat

Let the Creative Journey Begin…

Hello! My name is Rebecca, I go by Becca. I am an extremely creative individual! I believe you are too. After all, we are the Imago Dei, uniquely gifted to create and serve. I am also a new mom and, thus, learning the ultimate act of creating and serving. Can I get a witness?!

Creative Habitat is based on the premise every woman has a creative gift and needs uninterrupted time and space to invest in her God given creativity. If you are looking to partner with other women who understand this implicit need, you are in the right place!

It is my hope, this site will not only serve as a forum for unabashed creativity, but also provide the opportunity for women to partner and empower one another to carve out creative time and space to refresh, refuel, and reignite the creativity within. I like to refer to this creative time as your “Creative Habit” and this creative space as your “Creative Habitat.”

Are you willing to develop your creative habit? If so, please join me on this journey to make Creative Habitat a reality.

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