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Moved to Create

Dear Fellow Creative Mama,

I may know you well or you may be discovering Creative Habitat for the first time. Either way, welcome!

Welcome to what I hope will be a new start.

Having recently completed a cross country move with a preschooler, infant and two large dogs (all in the same car mind you), I am experiencing a torrent of changes and the many new starts that abound in this season of transition. From the rolling waves of San Diego to the rolling corn fields of Des Moines, our family is learning how to embrace new starts each day.

In an effort to get acquainted with our new neighborhood and city, I have decided to start a weekly habit of trail running. This habit is intended to get a much needed breather from all the unpacking (both physical and emotional) while also exploring different trails in Des Moines.

During my runs, I plan to listen to acclaimed dancer, Twyla Tharp’s audio book, The Creative Habit. I first read this influential book 2 years ago, before starting this blog as a new mom. Now, I am a mom of 2 and thus practically twice as busy, yet better equipped with creative habits to refuel daily. This is, after all, the reason I started Creative Habitat with the goal of providing resources to help fellow busy moms develop creative habits to refuel in daily living.

Anyway, back to my new habit and key takeaway from my first run including Twyla’s wise words,

I can’t say enough about the connection between body and mind. When you stimulate your body your brain comes alive in ways you can’t simulate in a sedentary position.”

As a dance lover (I spent many of my days in the dance studio growing up) I appreciate how she calls out the important connection between mind, body, movement and the creative process. Looking back, many of my most creative ideas have come as a result of movement. From dancing with my son in the kitchen to playing with him at the park to walking with a friend – when I move, I am moved to create!

If daily movement helps to stimulate creativity on a small scale, then I have to believe a cross country move will reignite my creative core. Trusting the most creative days are ahead here in the Midwest, yet will always cherish the time I was blessed with in San Diego, the birthplace of this Creative Habitat vision.

I couldn’t think of any better way to commemorate my first Creative Habitat than to dance in it. 

This dance is the result of a little creative movement and a lot of inspiration!

I must preface, this dance was a very personal project allowing me to say goodbye and let go of a place very near and dear to me so I can start my time in Iowa with an open mind and open heart. I chose the song “Testify” by Needtobreathe because San Diego is where I learned to testify of God’s goodness through writing, dancing, and creating without fear. In short, San Diego is where I learned how to let go and get lost in the beauty of creation!

Stay tuned for more details about this move and the creative movement I hope will follow. Until then, wishing you creative and refueling days ahead.

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