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I just experienced a rare phenomenon in my creative life – my ever dreaming, full of ideas, always trying to prioritize which idea to focus on life.


This serendipitous clarity approached me at the entrance of the Santa Fe Design Center, a rustic furniture and design store located in – you guessed it -Santa Fe, New Mexico. This classy and eclectic store is housed in the former Santa Fe Motor Company building, a refurbished warehouse characterized by the original criss-crossing steel beams and large central skylight-filled atrium.

I felt a spark of intrigue as I made my way through the design center and into the open central space with a variety of creative studios, stores, offices, and restaurants surrounding the perimeter of both the lower and upper level. As I surveyed this space, I couldn’t help but pull out my phone to snap every cool angle I could find. I was, after all, trying to finish a photography challenge with 30 unique prompts during our week-long visit to Santa Fe and I still had a few prompts to complete.

About 5 pictures into my warehouse photoshoot Prompt #19 – Something You Want struck me with conviction! I want to design and repurpose a space like this where creative moms can come to discover and develop their creative gifts and refuel in the process. I want to design a Creative Habitat with separate creative spaces for moms and their kids.

Think collaborative, feminine think tank meets multigenerational play space! 

This is something I want for every creative mom – especially the moms who don’t think they are creative – because ladies, each and every one of you is creative and gifted! I want to design a space where you can unwrap those creative gifts on a regular basis while knowing your kids also have a safe space to play, imagine, and create!

I want to create a safe space where moms support one another and don’t compare themselves to anyone else, but rather, celebrate each other’s gifts.

Finally, I want to make this Creative Habitat a 501c3 non-profit so the proceeds are reinvested in moms. Refueling moms. Inspiring moms.

I want to invest in a space where you feel invested in, Creative Mama! 

I believe, with all my heart, no investment yields higher returns than an inspired mom because inspired moms lead to inspired families…lead to inspired communities…lead to an inspired world!

Heck, I think it’s safe to say, if you have read this far someone in your life has affirmed your creative gifts. I would not be surprised if that someone was an inspired mom, perhaps your inspired mom. I can definitely attest to my inspired mom’s influence on my creative pursuits and continued motivation to keep writing, dancing, and dreaming.

Whew! I’m getting PUMPED…and a little off track.

Where was I?

Oh Yes! Back to the photography challenge prompt:

#19 – Something You Want

I want creative time and space for moms and their kids under the same roof but in different spaces so moms can focus on their creativity knowing their kids creativity is also being stimulated.

And just like that…after years of wondering, pondering, and imagining…

I was prompted…and boom…Clarity!

I want to design a Creative Habitat where moms can invest in their creative gifts and workout their creative muscles on a weekly basis – similar to a gym workout but for the right hemisphere! I want to create a space where moms can develop creative habits to refuel in daily living!

Good news is, I’m equipped with an interior design degree and a clear vision – now it’s time to find some collaborators…

Now it’s time to get to work!

What about you Creative Mama? How would you respond if prompted to answer “Something You Want?” Don’t hold back!


You can find the rest of my Santa Fe photos and associated photography prompts (30 in total) on the Creative Habitat Instagram page HERE.


This photography challenge reminded me of the creative insights gained from a simple prompt. Therefore, in an effort to maintain creative habits myself, I will be following weekly creative prompts and I invite you to join me. I will post weekly creative prompts HERE.

P.S.S.S (This is the last one – promise!)

I’ve had an idea for a collaborative creative space simmering in my mind for years. I’ve posted a few pictures of one of my undergrad interior design projects HERE. I designed a Cultural Arts Center with shared space for visual arts, culinary arts and performing arts. Imagine a space like this filled with creative moms! Now THAT is something I want!

I’ll keep you posted as this dream takes flight – in some ways it already has!

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