Creative Habitat

Protect Your Creative Habitat

A safe space is something to be cherished and protected.  Whether it is physical space, emotional space or creative space…a safe space allows for ultimate growth. A habitat provides the ideal conditions to ensure that growth is sustained.

I was reminded of the sustaining value of habitats this weekend after taking my son to the San Diego Zoo and running in Mission Trails, a protected wildlife reserve near my house. Both had many signs posted to remind passerbys to respect and protect the natural habitats and their inhabitants.

This got me thinking, why don’t creative women have similar signs to remind others we need protected time and space to grow and nurture the creative visions within?  Why do we let the busyness of 21st century living intrude on our creative habitat so often?  Perhaps I’m speaking solely for myself but something tells me many women can relate.

Women, by nature are caregivers, or as some refer to us as caretakers, yet few women take more than they give.  This caring nature is our beauty within outwardly manifesting itself through an encouraging word, a hug, or a sippy cup given at just the right time…you get the picture.  I’m constantly amazed by women’s ability to care so deeply for so many. 

I love being a caregiver.  It’s what I was designed to do, yet I have also come to realize I can cannot continue to pour into others if I am running on empty myself.  In order to sustain our caregiving nature, I believe we must protect the creative gifts we’ve been given so we can continue to give the best of us, not what is left of us. 

Just as natural habitats require sustained protection, so too do creative habitats.  If we want to develop our creative gifts in a protected space, we must first set boundaries and invite others to partner in our effort to respect and protect our creative time and space. 

This shared respect and understanding may be all the sign we need!

Are you in need of protected time and space to develop your creative gifts?  If so, who do you need to inform about your creative habitat and protecting the key inhabitant, you!

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