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Dancing in the Kitchen

Dancing is therapy for my soul! I was reminded of this very helpful coping skill while facing the pile of dishes I have been ignoring for the past two days. Dishes and laundry are the bain of my existence…and yet a reality of life. It seems as soon as one load is put away it is time to reload. Round and round the cycle goes.

In an effort to come up with a creative solution to this weekly dilemma, I decided to go round and round myself. While dancing in the kitchen, I can feel my aggravation turn to motivation.

Put a few dishes away…pirouette.

Scrubb a few plates…chaine turn.

Dry a few sippy cups…grand adagio!

And voila, the dishes are conquered for the night and my soul is replenished. Two birds with one stone…or should I say two loads with one pirouette. Whichever idiom you prefer, I have decided I certainly prefer dance with my dishes and plan to adopt this creative habit so I can turn loads of work into loads of fun.

Wishing you creative solutions to conquer whatever load you may be carrying.

~Matthew 11:30~

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