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Find Your Creative Genius: Courage in the Quest

In an effort to create space for new creative habits to take root as I embrace this new chapter of full time motherhood and mompreneurship, my son and I escaped to Colorado Springs (where I grew up) for a two week quest in creative problem solving.  We are starting Week 2 of this very important time of reprieve and regrouping before returning to San Diego where our “New Chapter” officially begins.

Points of exploration on this quest include:

1)  Praying for energy to match a toddler’s energy on a daily basis.

2) Planning a new weekly schedule that will meet the development needs of my son and allow me to carve out time to pursue my own creative habits.

3) Strategizing a way to “batch” weekly responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, etc.) so we can make the most of our quality time.

Most importantly, this time is dedicated to embracing courage in the quest for creative time and space, knowing life will always swirl with the to-do’s of today and unknown priorities of tomorrow.  To live fully, I must learn how to embrace the delicate balance of letting go and holding on…letting go of my desire to control and holding on to my desire to create.  Both require intention and courage from which I believe true creative genius stems.

Elizabeth Gilbert, authour of popular novel, Eat, Pray, Love, recently published a book called, Big Magic where she discusses the creative genius hidden within each of us if we have the courage to live beyond fear.  Given creativity is the pursuit and exploration of the unknown, one must overcome the implicit fear associated with such a daring act…to create original work with confidence!

Big Magic is the novel I felt lead to read during this two week hiatus in Colorado.  Ironically when I found it during a recent Barnes and Noble date with my son, he grabbed my hand and walked me directly to the Dr. Seuss section.  There before us were many examples of one man’s creative genius on display.  Surely it took courage to write each of those colorful, silly books!  Surely Dr. Seuss overcame some level of fear to dare to write books with made up words when he originally intended to get his Ph.D in English Literature.  Imagine if he had not chosen to live creatively beyond fear? 

I have only just begun reading Big Magic, but it’s no surprise the first chapter is titled, “Courage” because courage is the first step in any creative endeavor.  The author recounts a profound quote by the late poet and English Professor, Jack Gilbert, who once asked one of his students, “Do you have the courage to bring forth this work?  The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say “Yes” (Gilbert, Big Magic, pg.7).

This is a question we all must ask ourselves when we are on the brink of uncovering our Creative Genius.  Fortunatley, creative geniuses like Dr. Seuss answered, “Yes!” 

Wishing you courage in your creative quest as I embrace courage in mine, admitting each Creative Habitat blog post is just that, a courageous step towards creative living without fear!


Check Out Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Your Elusive Creative Genius” TED Talk on the Creative Habitat Creative Leaders link found¬†HERE.

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