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A Creative Habitat!

It’s true! I have lived and created in the same cities and even resided on the same street as one of these renaissance men, different century, but I like to think there was still a touch of inspiration in the air.  I’m referring to Casa Buonarroti, a property owned by Michealangelo on Via Ghibellina, the same street I lived on while studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

I’d take a deep breath each time I’d pass his prominant marble bust carved distinctly above the large wooden door of his florentine flat, hoping, maybe just maybe, to absorb some of his creative genius. 

Fast forward 8 years and I now find myself living and working in Dr. Seuss’s hometown where he created many of the fun characters and stories we cherish today.  Similiar to my practice when walking by Casa Buonarroti, I breath in the creative inspiration while walking on the UCSD campus (where I used to work) which is home to the Geisel Library.  This library houses the largest collection of  original Dr. Seuss drawings, sketches, manuscript drafts, and photographs documenting the full range of Dr. Seuss’s creative achievements from 1919 to 1991. 

I am encouraged to know I have worked within walking distance of both of these creative geniuses authentic drawings and sketches reflecting their raw talent and creative process.  I have received a touch of inspiration from both as a result!

In Big Magic, the book I am currently reading, Elizabeth Gilbert conveys her belief that creative ideas are living amongst us waiting to find their human collaborator to bring the creative vision to fruition.  Just as there are billions of people inhabitating the planet, these ideas inhabit us through a touch of inspiration, but the chosen collaborator must be willing.

Michelangelo was willing.  Dr. Seuss was willing.  As creative beings we must ask ourselves, “Am I willing?”

Even as a busy mom of a toddler, I can attest a willing spirit yields creative gifts.  No matter how crazy and overwhelming life may seem, there is always a touch of inspiration waiting for a willing collaborator.

Wishing you creative and willing days ahead!

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