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Yellow Play-Doh

While sitting in church this morning, I realized my true appreciation for the yellow Play-Doh stashed in my purse.  This moldable fun has helped my son endure doctor’s appointments, lunch dates, plane rides and pretty much any activity requiring a toddler to sit for more than two minutes.

What could have been an hour rummage through my purse (and let’s be honest, the woman’s purse next to me) turned into a calm and peaceful service.  In fact, I can even tell you what the sermon was about which is proof yellow Play-Doh can do wonders for focus!

Focus, I am learning, is a precious and elusive gift for moms with young ones.  When our attention is not being summoned by our child/children, our own minds serve as a constant reminder of all we want or need to do.  Yet, just as I begin to let my mind get sidetracked, an eager fist reaches over and hands me some yellow dough with a simple request to roll a “Ba.””

And snap I am back…living in the moment as I roll that yellow ball and hand it over to my little sidekick.  Suddenly it hits me, that yellow Play-Doh is just as important for me as it is for him because it forces me to live creatively in the moment and focus on the work at hand, a creative habit I am constantly trying to foster amidst the myriad of distractions vying for my limited energy and attention.

To my fellow creative mamas, may you find your “Yellow Play-Doh” this week and live creatively in the moment. When tempted to give in to the pressures of the day, simply take a deep breath and focus

on the work at hand.  If your lucky, you may just create your next masterpiece or at the very least, a well rounded “Ba” and hopefully, a well rounded “Ma” in the process!

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