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Let’s Ice This Cake!

Have you ever wished you could replicate a movie or TV show set to escape real life for a while?  I have often pictured myself walking the whimsical streets of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls complete with twinkle lights and quirky characters around each corner.  I have been a long time fan of the show.  The witty banter and playful storyline paired with a candor-filled cast is a welcome escape for me.  What I love most about Gilmore Girls is the close friendship shared between Lorelai and Rory which reminds me of the close friendship between my mom and I (Like Rory, I am my mom’s only child).  After following Lorelai and Rory’s journey from the pilot season highlighting their relationship during Rory’s early high school days through the final season where Rory graduates from college, it is clear Lorelai’s support is the one constant throughout Rory’s changing life seasons.

Like Lorelai, my mom has been a constant support throughout my growing years.  After my parent’s divorce, we embraced our new normal as the Barton Babes (Barton was my maiden name), a term I fondly coined in relation to the similiar relationship we shared with the Gilmore Girl duo I had come to love and respect.  Ironically, Rory’s character was only one year ahead of me in school while the show was being filmed which made the show all the more relatable.  While my mom was not 16 when I was born like Lorelai’s character, her youthful spirit was equally as vibrant, creating a special friendship and bond I will always cherish.

Now, as the years have passed and I am a mom myself, I find our friendship has become deeper and more meaningful now that I can better understand her mother’s heart.  She inspires me on many levels and I am thrilled to share she has decided to join me in support of the Creative Habitat vision.  Starting in 2017, my mom and I will be joining creative forces and working together to support mothers of all ages and stages in the discovery and development of their creative gifts.  I can’t imagine a better partner as she brings years of motherly wisdom and experience.  She recently retired from a 30+ year career as a principal and teacher in elementary education and has decades of refueling creative habits to share, not to mention a joyful spirit which is contagious!

If I can equate our partnership to a storyline in Gilmore Girls, Creative Habitat is our “Dragonfly Inn” and my mom is my “Sookie!”  Anyone who has seen the recent Netflix Gilmore Girls revival knows the Dragonfly Inn just isn’t the same without Sookie!  She is the “icing on the cake” so to speak (for those who haven’t seen the show, Sookie is a culinary wiz and pastry chef, hence my cake reference).  It is with great thanksgiving and anticipation I welcome my “Sookie” to the Creative Habitat team!  

Finally, for those who have seen the Gilmore Girls revival, you are likley aware of the much anticipated “last 4 words.”  Well mom, here are my last 4 words for you:

Let’s ice this cake!

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