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Little Did I Know – Ode To Motherhood

Little did I know the day I first became aware this life of mine was growing with a little life to share.

That time would shape us both with each new passing day and teach us how to view life in a new and special way.  

Little did I know my heart could love so much as I held you in my arms and knew you at first touch.  Sweetly breaking me of previously held fears, smiling down on you while holding back joy-filled tears.

Little did I know our days and nights would merge turning sleeping into waking with both starting to converge. Not knowing how I’d make it from day to night to day, yet, somehow through the exhaustion we always found our way.

Little did I know how that gummy grin could tease and how those pretzeled little legs could bring me to me knees. Praising God above for my precious gift while strapping on my baby carrier and giving you a lift.

Little did I know how many supplies you would require to keep you fed and dry which became my main desire.  Through it all I learned a helpful hint or two about how to improvise and still take care of you.

Little did I know how my plans would change on a dime when you needed a diaper change or decided it was nap time.  With your help I’ve learned how to  relax and chill…and always be prepared for the next spill!

So on this Mother’s Day, I just want to share all the many ways you’ve taught me how to care. Nose to nose and cheek to cheek, I cherish you from week to week.  And this I know is true as I watch you grow…before I met you, little did I know.

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