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Odds n Ends

It is 1:41am as I begin to write and I have been wide awake for an hour.  At first I just stayed in bed twisting and turning waiting for sleep to find its way back to my eyelids, but alas, my eyelids are wide open now.

I contemplated organizing my closet with this unexpected burst of energy until I looked around and saw everything neatly hung and folded reminding me of my urge to purge while organizing my clothes and shoes a week prior.  If my impeccable closet wasn’t an obvious sign my “nesting” instincts have kicked in, tackling the random “Odds n Ends” laundry bag should have been my next clue.  Basically, I throw small socks, thongs, crinkled undershirts, and all the little laundry annoyances in a black hole of a bag after folding the bigger, easier to deal with clothes until my “Odds n Ends” bag is full.

It’s been full for months.

I assume the same nervous excitement waking me tonight is responsible for my uncharacteristic initiative to deal with “Odds n Ends” laundry bag earlier this evening.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love laundry and dishes (wink, wink).  Would you believe I folded 36 pairs of socks?  36! Given we live in temperate San Diego, I wear flip flops and flats most the time so socks aren’t high on my priority list.  No wonder my husband can never find his socks.  He is going to feel like he hit the jackpot tomorrow when he opens his brimming sock drawer in all its abundance!

If only I could bottle up the abundance of energy pulsing through my veins in these last few weeks of pregnancy. I would take shots of it to stay fueled during the round-the-clock nursing hours following birth. Oh well, at least I can use this pent-up energy to deal with the “Odds n Ends” of life now so I can fully focus on snuggle time once baby comes!  Until then, I will do my best to manage my odd behavior at the end of pregnancy (like staying up writing a blog post until 3am)!

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