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OWN your NOW

As the new year draws near, I can’t help but reflect on the creative habits I have adopted to refuel and live in the many precious moments that made up 2016. I can honestly say this year has been transformational as I have allowed myself to unplug from time commitments that were no longer in alignment with my new life as a mom and mompreneur. While it was not always easy confronting my limitations and necessity to prioritize and say “no” to many things I once said “yes” to, I have been blessed with the opportunity to plug into my sources of inspiration and creative gifts as a result.

While I have held on to many idealistic (and often unrealistic) expectations for myself over the years, I have finally learned the freeing power of simply letting go and enjoying the moment. The moment, I have found, is where true life is experienced. While I have been tempted to live in the past or plan far in advance…I have learned now is a gift to cherish, especially in my daily interactions with my little guy who is growing faster than I can keep up!

Just think of all you have overcome to get to your now. This is what I remind myself of when I start to become too preoccupied with what I could have done or what I should be doing. Instead, I have started to ask myself, “What has blessed me to get to this point and what blessings are in front of me?”

It’s such a mindset shift for a reflector/planner personality like mine, but oh, such a gift when embraced in the moment! Now, don’t get me wrong…I still reflect and plan. The shift for me is no longer dwelling in my past/future but rather setting aside reflecting and planning time so I can be present in the here and now as often as possible. After all, we are not guaranteed tomorrow, thus why not own our now! Perhaps this is the reason these two words share the same letters!

In fact, I am owning my now as I write this blog while getting a pedicure. Color choice: “Let Your Love Shine.” Coincidence, I think not!

May you own your now and let your love shine in the new year ahead!

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