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One Seven One Seven – A Gift From Heaven

I have a precious baby GIRL resting on me as I write!!! Our gift from heaven made her debut on 1/7/17 and I am still in a state of elation and amazement after finally getting to meet this little lady who has been growing with me over the past 9 months!

A week ago I still didn’t know if this babe was a he or a she, and I must admit this surprise was great motivation to stay focused in the final stage of delivery after many hours of labor and weeks of intense anticipation. Honestly, the two weeks leading up to her birthday were harder than the actual labor and delivery. Thinking you may go into labor any second for days on end does a number on one’s mind and body.

Speaking of number, how cool is a 1/7/17 birthday?! While the wait felt like forever, I am grateful she took her time and am encouraged by her “late” arrival. She was due on 1/6, but I think she knew 1/7/17 was going to be a really amazing birthday, not only because it is the only day of the year she could have been born where the numbers create a perfect pattern (one, seven, one, seven), but also because I think intuitively she knew what the number 7 signifies:

Physical and Spiritual Completeness

Upon further research, I learned the number 7 is tied biblically to God’s creation 735 times in scripture including the most obvious example of the world being created in 7 days as well as God designating the 7th day (Sabbath) as a day of rest to enjoy His creation!

Taking time to rest and enjoy the process of creating to refuel in daily living are two key lessons God has been teaching me during my pregnancy with this sweet girl, and low and behold her birthday signifies the very lessons I have been learning and documenting through this blog.

Praising God for the blessing of this beautiful creation resting in my arms now!

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