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Rejoice and be Glad in it…

Nomatter what your “It” is, Rejoice and be glad in “It” because “It” has purpose, “It” will shape you. “It” will motivate you to keep reaching for the beauty within.

So what is the one thing patiently waiting for you to attend to “It”?

The many ideas for Creative Habitat have been simmering in my mind for months! “If only I could find the time to develop ‘It’,” I’ve thought countless times as I reel though my days of new motherhood, working full time, and trying to keep a household in one piece. This well worn excuse has tread through my thoughts one too many times. I WILL claim my creative habit! I will rejoice in “It.”

Tonight is proof, creative time can be carved out! This blog post is the result! While I was tempted to fold one more load of laundry, watch a mind numbing show, or most tempting of all, sleep…I could not prolong my creative habit any further! 

“It” will not be ignored.

I am dedicated to helping you rejoice in “It” whatever your creative habit may be. 

I am still learning how to carve out creative time to develop Creative Habitat and am committed to documenting my process through this blog. Hopefully each post will reflect a few baby steps in the right direction…a transformation from fear to faith and from exhaustion to rejuvenation. 

First I am instituting a “Pick 3” habit where I will pick three development goals to focus on for the week. 

“Pick 3” for 10/25-10/31

1) Figure out how to add slogan “Where is your creative habit at?” under Creative Habitat title page.

2) Upload creative process photos to title page.

3) Create contact form.

Ok. This tired lady needs to refuel her creative juices and sign off for the night knowing the best is yet to come.

Psalm 118:24



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