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Creative Habitat – “Due” December 9th

Tonight I am using my creative habit to organize many of the logistics associated with laying the foundation for the Creative Habitat website, blog, email list etc. So while I am in “organize mode” and not necessarily “writing mode”, I did find this gem while organizing old emails. Ironically, I am posting it almost 8 months from the day it was conceived. Perhaps this means Creative Habitat is in the last trimester of gestation as “a concept” (speaking figuratively) and finally on its way to full exposure including:

  • A fully functional website (still workign on this)
  • A fully functional developer (a constant work in progress…wink, wink)
  • A fully functioning coaching calendar (eh hem….still working on this as well)

Given the irony, I am setting a “due date” for the soft launch of the fully functional Creative Habitat website by December 9!


Ahhh, creative space, a luxury I have missed. Setting aside time to be with my thoughts has become a bit of hurdle these days. Between endless laundry, dishes and diapers, I find it hard to connect sentences, never mind full fledged contemplations about life, love and faith.

Webster defines “contemplate” as thinking profoundly at length or meditating, so, in an effort to reclaim this necessary and holy space of meditation I have decided to lock myself in my bathroom, shut the door, and give myself 20 minutes of uninterrupted “me”ditation time before crawling in bed.

Tonight creativity is my muse and I find myself once again waiting for God to reveal a little inspiration…and as though he knows what I’m up to, I hear a faint squeak from the crib on the other side of my porcelain sanctuary reminded me of the “little inspiration” and creative gift God’s blessed me with through my 4 month son.

Similar to my my blank page or an artist’s empty canvas, a baby is a new hope of life demanding attention, care and creative problem-solving. A baby will not let you forget the creative potential and renewal each day brings. Children inspire a habit of devotion and love…two essentials required to nurture and develop any creative gift God blesses us with.

It is my hope these nightly meditations will nurture and develop the creative habit of writing I feel called to while encouraging other women to nurture and develop their creative gifts as well.

My timer is beeping, confirming it is time to wrap up, but only until tomorrow when I fully intend to continue to develop Creative Habitat. Please join me and commit to embrace a little creative time and space in your own busy day…you’ve earned it!

Contemplation Revelation:

“Where is your Creative Habit at?

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