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Bring on the 30s

My 30 year old reflection greeted me in the mirror for the first time this morning and prompted a series of reflections over the past decade.

What a decade this has been between navigating the busy college years, working a handful of jobs and internships, moving about a dozen times, filling my passport, starting my first professional role and transitioning to my second, getting married, learning how to support my husband through the tumultuous medical training journey in medical school and residency and most recently learning the art of motherhood. I am both humbled and encouraged while reflecting on God’s faithfulness during a season full of change and transition.

I started my 20’s as an overachieving college sophomore juggling a double major while enforcing hall rules as an RA for residents ripe with patience building potential. I ended my 20’s as a wife, mother, and overachieving millennial woman humbled by my efforts to maintain daily responsibilities while holding on to my dreamer’s heart…the perfect combination for patience building potential. And thus, I am lead to what I have found to be the most important reflection and life lesson from this decade: 

Patience and balance are key to success in work, love, and relationships. 

Despite what culture “tells” us, I have learned this life is not a race to achieve, but a journey to explore which is exactly what I intend on doing in my 30s. While this seasoned dreamer realizes “life” will not slow down, I know with patience, all things are possible (Philippians 4:13), including carving out time to develop Creative Habitat and encourage other women to carve out creative space to refuel, refresh, and maintain daily balance.

Bring on the 30s!

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