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Ladies, it is time to get vulnerable…more vulnerable than I would like, however I have learned vulnerability is a MUST in any authentic creative process. First, here is a brief recap for those who are just reading this blog for the first time.

Like you, I am a busy mom trying to navigate the fast-paced swirl of modern day living with grace and ingenuity. This blog is my documentation of that navigation process. I post insights from my own journey in carving out creative time and space to refuel (and avoid burnout) so I can continue to pour into those I love more fully. I also share creative habits I am learning to practice to maintain work/life balance.


Finally, I post resources to help other busy moms discover their creative gifts and develop creative habits to refuel in daily living. Each blog post represents my creative habit of writing because writing refuels me and refueling through creativity is core to the Creative Habitat mission.

Now confession time. Despite my efforts to carve out creative time and space over the past few weeks, I have felt an inner sense of conflict. Current events (both national and international) as well as recent personal events have reminded me of the battle we all wage both internally and externally to claim joy amidst turmoil. With the weight of the world resting on our shoulders and tyranny of the urgent constantly vying for our energy, carving out time to create (just for the joy of it) can feel frivolous. The battle is real, and yet so is the need.

As I’ve contemplated my own experience with this battle, I’ve come to the conclusion, it is worth the fight. It is the creative act, after all, that brings light and beauty to a hurting world. Our creative gifts not only bless and refuel us as the creator, but have the potential to bless and refuel many who are on the receiving end.

Dear friends, I know the battle is real because I experience it daily, but please be reminded no matter how many internal or external issues you may be facing, your creative gifts are equally real. The world needs your light, so shine on!

Wishing you creative and refueling days ahead.

Check out the Creative Habitat Facebook Page where I will be posting weekly resources starting Monday, October 24th including:

  • Mompreneur Mondays: Mompreneurs share creative habits that have helped them maintain work/life balance while raising kids and running a business. Check out past mompreneur interviews here.
  • Time Tip Tuesdays: Helpful time saving tips and tools to help busy moms carve out time to refuel in daily living.
  • What’s on your Wall? Wednesdays: What we hang on our walls often reflects our values and sources of inspiration
    and gives clues to help us develop a Creative Habitat where we can focus and refuel.
    Check out these Creative Habitats where moms have created unique spaces to inspire their creative gifts.
  • Thoughtful Thursdays: Weekly quote to inspire creative living and work/life balance.
  • Fact Finding Fridays: Scientific and industry research on developing lasting habits.

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