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Election Day

In light of the pending presidential election results, I felt inspired to write today. Soon the confetti will fall and the music will play to ring in the much anticipated inauguration of our nation’s next leader. Inevitably, some will be pleased while others will be dismayed by the result. Either way, one candidate will be elected while the other will likely feel neglected by voters as they prepare to concede.

Concession is never fun and yet a necessary part of life. The recent election coverage has reminded me we all have a daily choice to elect which emotion will govern our decisions. We can elect fear or we can elect faith. Either way, choosing one means conceding the other. There is no bipartisan agreement between these two parties. One will win, one will lose.

So which candidate will win, not only in our presidential race, but in our hearts? Will our internal ballot be filled with fear or faith? I can assure you, from experience, your creative gifts will always campaign for faith because faith is being sure of what we hope for. Faith requires moving forward with confidence even when we don’t know exactly what the next step holds.

November 8th may be our nation’s official Election Day, but make no mistake, every day is election day in the process of stepping into our gifts and using them to serve others. No matter what the presidential results are tomorrow, we each have the power to choose whether to move forward in fear or in faith today and every day hereafter.

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