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Wonder and Wisdom – A Birthday Wish for my Two Year Old

My heart swelled with joy as I witnessed my 2 year old son bounce uninhibited to the mariachi band playing at the 60th wedding anniversary celebration we recently attended. His white helium balloon bounced along with him juxtaposed against the backdrop of a wise crowd full of years and experience. While he brought the average age down, he lifted many spirits up with his constant giggling face drowned out by the loud trumpet behind him.

His exuberant dance moves were the opitomy of carefree, a reminder to his often care-filled mama, that sometimes, you just need to let go and dance. It doesn’t matter if anyone is watching or not watching. What matters is showing up with all the gusto you have to offer.

As I caught my gaze wondering from my dancing son to survey the room, I was touched to see the couple we had all gathered to celebrate dancing together equally uninhibited. There we were, my 2 year old son with his bouncing balloon, Charlie and Annie representing 60 years dancing hand in hand, and this inspired mama – all enjoying the moment together. All experiencing the gift of now.

Oh to be like a child, filled with constant wonder and curiosity combined with the wisdom of the ages. This is what my almost 31 year old spirit longs for – release from all of the unnecessary cares and judgements ingrained in my mind, mindful simplicity, and a consistent creative habit of embracing the here and now. I wonder if the other 60th wedding anniversary attendees would support this creative habit. If only I had time to sit with each of them to soak in their decades of knowledge and advice. How I would have loved to hear their perspective on childlike faith in their late 80’s and 90’s.

As my son turns 2 today, I hope my husband and I can give him the same gift Charlie and Annie gave me at their 60th wedding anniversary – to dance freely and joyfully amidst life’s many unexpected twists and turns and to exude both wonder and wisdom. In the meantime, I’ll give him his new Strider bike knowing his real birthday gift is his mom’s dedication to instilling in him the creative habit of living in the here and now as she strives to do the same!

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