Creative Habitat


Life stretches and pulls us in many directions.  Whether we are facing struggles or joys, life is always inviting us to enjoy the ride.

Certain moments in life lighten the heart and bring joy to even the weariest of souls.  No matter what struggles may be clouding the horizon, one can’t help but smile when a blanket turns into the best ride in town and squeals of joy echo throughout the house.  These moments stretch the imagination to think about the world from a new perspective.

This weary soul is here to confess the first 17 months of motherhood and 7 years of marriage to a busy medical student/resident has stretched me in ways I didn’t realize I could be stretched.

Just when I think I am stretched to the limit and ready to spring back into place, I feel the tug of life pulling in all directions again.  A little time passes and I realize there is no “springing back” only growing forward. 

So here I find myself, embracing my new form, trying to reconcile what once was and what now is.

I confess I am a woman stretched thin, but that just means I can cover more ground…similiar to this blanket my son is riding with glee.

Sometimes, we all just need a little bit of glee to stretch our creative muscles and develop our creative habits.

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