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The Art of Losing Control

Currently, there is a bottle of raspberry vinaigrette and pair of half chewed up shoes accompanying me at my kitchen table.  They are part of a smattering of odd end items that have somehow made their way to a space I’ve made multiple efforts to keep organized. 

I’ll just move to another room so I can focus, I naively think to myself.  Within seconds, it becomes clear I need to learn how to focus amidst clutter.  As I survey my options, I realize I’m not the only one who feels out of place.   The bathroom trash can is on top of the entertainment center, the blow up pool with rainbow balls is the new centerpiece on the coffee table, and there are Trader Joe’s bags strewn across the kitchen floor.

And it hits me…I trail in the wake of a toddler.

While I tried to pick up after each of my son’s many “explorations” this morning, motherhood is teaching me the art of losing control.

Take the raspberry vinaigrette for example.  After reaching the 20 minute threshold of “toddler grocery shopping patience”, I decided to take my chances and keep shopping for a few more items.  Somewhere between the frozen peas and peanut butter crackers, I could sense  my son’s patience beginning to wane 

I pushed on…after all, I still needed the raspberry vinaigrette…or so it seemed.

Within seconds of entering the dressing aisle my son had practically maneuvered his way out of his seat and into the back of the cart to get the much anticipated peanut butter crackers.

Long story short, I left the store with an open box of crackers stashed in my purse (paid for) and a kiddo with peanut butter melted across his face.  At least we prevented a public melt down for both of us.

As for the chewed up shoes, well, that is the result of having two 90 pound dogs who think every new toy, book, and pair of kid shoes is free game.  Fortunately, they only chewed the Velcro and left the rest intact which would explain the yarn and needle also atop my kitchen table.

Full disclosure, I am an organized person learning how to navigate the messes of life with grace.  Grace for the process and also grace for myself. 

Creative Habitat is one of my saving graces as it provides an outlet to share my creative gift of writing and, hopefully, inspire other busy moms to carve out a little grace space in their own day. 

Whatever your creative gift may be, may you learn how to focus amidst clutter and embrace the art of losing control!  This post, after all, is a result of carving out creative space, clutter and all.

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