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Take a Leap

Imagine sauntering your way through life and looking back only to find you haven’t moved too far? 

Not to put a damper on routine and consistency…there is definitely a need for both, but there is also a need to leap every once in a while.

I’m not talking about leaping between rocks in a pond but more of a bungee leap…where the stakes are high and the rush is real! The kind of leap that makes you question everything and regret nothing! The kind of leap that you don’t need to look back on because you are too focused enjoying the moment. 

This is the kind of leap that will change you, change those around you, and shape your destiny. This is the kind of leap that makes life worth living. This is the kind of leap I challenge you to today, Leap Day 2016!

Is there a leap of faith you need to take? Is there a risk you need to embrace in order to make more creative time and space in daily living? Do you have a vision that will not subside nomatter how hard you try to ignore it? 

What do you need to leap in to today to change tomorrow? 

Well…what are you waiting for?

Take a leap!

The bungee cord of life is more forgiving than you think.

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